Glenda Sutton -  In the near future I will complete my book titled 'A harsh Life Into Healing Hands'.
The final stages are yet to unfold in real life, with the wild camel in this background photo racing for the first time last year and others yet to race.
I feel that because taming a wild camel came so naturally to me, writing an account of what I do to get results would lack any real insight into the deep understanding that is connecting your thoughts with a wild camel.
The best way to share my knowledge is not to coldly explain my actions, but to relay the real thoughts of a wild camel going through the transition from a life in a wild state to a life in a domestic environment.
Speaking from the innocent voice of a camel, I have the power to explain how he feels about me beginning as his captor and becoming his protector in a unique way through the words in the book.
The list of records below were made possible by camels who once roamed wild in Outback Australia, and kindly allowed me to ride on their backs at speed.
*Glenda would like to express her deepest gratitude to every camel involved in her success*
August 1998 -The first jockey to win a camel race held on a major metropolitan race track -  Royal Randwick.
Set the fastest time ever recorded over 1000m of 1:26 minutes in the Charleville Cup riding 'Old Regi Boy' 30/07/2005.
Achieved a never seen before "100" Australian camel race wins riding 'Old Regi Boy' at Boulia on 15/07/2006. 
Between 18/04/2003 and 06/04/2007 rode a camel called 'Arnold' 13 times for 13 wins.
Set the still standing 1000m Boulia track record of 1:28 minutes riding 'Old Regi Boy' on 21/07/2007.
At Tara on 04/08/2007 won 6 out of 6 races and next day on 05/08/2007 won 3 out of 3 races - "9 wins for 9 starts".
Owner, trainer and jockey of 'Chief'. The only camel ever to win his first 13 consecutive race starts 15/07/2006 - 03/05/2008. And the highest prizemoney winner in the history of Camel Racing.
Still holds the major Australian record of  "17" consecutive camel race wins as a jockey, between 28/07/2007 and 03/05/2008.
At Boulia July 2008, won Friday's race, 8 out of 8 races on Saturday and both finals on Sunday, "11 out of 11" for the weekend.
Achieved a never seen before "150" Australian camel race wins riding 'Chief' at Boulia on 19/07/2008
With 50% ownership of 'Old Regi Boy' known as "Australia's Super Camel" Glenda Sutton continued racing when he was wrongfully raced against her from 2009. This cost her dozens of race wins. She never gave up at any time. Read on for more recent history making records......
Achieved a never seen before "200" Australian Camel Race wins riding 'Ace' at Bedourie on 13/07/2013.
Won the only camel barrel race held at Boulia Camel Races riding 'Outlaw Bobaluie' on 19/07/2014.
Competed in her "600th" Camel Race as a jockey riding 'Ace' at Tara on 02/08/2015.
Competed in her "650th" Camel Race as a jockey riding 'Rumble in the Jungle' at Forbes on 30/03/18.
Achieved a never seen before "250" Australian Camel Race wins riding 'In-A-Hurry' at Tara on 06/08/17. "Her 14th win out of 25 starts for the 2017 race circuit - a said to be impossible goal". 
Currently the only jockey in the history of Australian Camel Racing to compete in "724" camel races from 1998 to 2019. And the only person to compete in the sport of Camel racing for 21 consecutive years solid.
Australia's most successful cup finals jockey, with a record "40" wins, 33 seconds and 21 thirds.
Australia's most successful camel jockey, with a record "271" camel race wins between 1998 and 2019.
The only Camel Jockey to have reached and exceeded a quarter of a million dollars in prize money in Australia. 1/4 million reached at Boulia on 21/08/18. 
Received Most Successful Jockey of the meet at Winton on 28/07/18 and 27/07/19. 
Current status - 724 camel races. 271 race wins. 175 seconds. 114 thirds. $278,070.00 in prizes.
Amongst the above records Glenda Sutton has achieved further records too numerous to mention as an Owner/trainer/jockey, and has received "Jockey and Trainer of the Meet" on many occasions.
Glenda Sutton's goal is to reach 300 camel race wins. However, her excitement does not lie as much with the record as with which camel she may have the privilege to share the experience with. She is truly grateful to every camel who has allowed her to ride on its back at speed. She says "we fly together as one".