HAJIME - 2nd year of racing 2019  & 2021.   6 year old bullock.
OVERALL PLACES - 1st ="9"  2nd = 1  3rd = 0  Paid = 0  Unplaced = 1st race
CUP FINAL PLACES -  1st ="3"   2nd = 1   3rd = 0   Paid = 0   Unplaced = 0
TOTAL PRIZE MONEY -  $11,400.00  (outstanding for a 1st year racing camel)
Hajime possesses speed beyond that of any other racing camel in the history of Australian Camel Racing. This fact was proven with an Australian record breaking win in the Bedourie Cup Final in 2019 in a time of 32.43 seconds over 400m. Hajime was eligible for the Melbourne cup of Camel Racing, but Glenda removed him as a contender due to him being only 4yrs old. He competed in the Boulia 1/4 Mile Flyer Cup Final and won it by 7 lengths. He had a little trouble understanding a tighter track at Winton, but still won his heat & the Winton Cup.
Already standing at the same height as the champion 'Chief', with another years growth and maturity, Hajime has a high likelihood of being unbeaten in 2021.
CHIEF - 15th year of racing 2006 - 2021. 20 year old bullock.
OVERALL PLACES -    1st = "67"   2nd = 34   3rd = 15   Paid = 8   Unplaced = 8
CUP FINAL PLACES -  1st = "14"   2nd = 14   3rd = 7   Paid = 5   Unplaced = 5
TOTAL PRIZE MONEY -   $91,220.00
Chief won his "100th" race start at Bedourie Qld on 08/07/17 and is heading towards $100,000.00 in prize money. Still able to show good form at 20 years old, with more racing knowledge than most of his competitors, Chief has every chance at winning any race he is entered in in 2021.
ACE  -  9th year of racing  2013 - 2021.  20 year old bullock.
OVERALL PLACES - 1st = "24"   2nd = 16   3rd = 14   Paid = 3   Unplaced = 12
CUP FINAL PLACES - 1st = "1"    2nd = 4    3rd = 6   Paid = 3   Unplaced = 12
TOTAL PRIZE MONEY -   $29,965.00
Ace currently has a reputation amongst opposition camel trainers as the camel to watch out for. Many of his wins have been best times for the day at race meetings. Ace can be jockey sensitive if Glenda Sutton is not riding him.
OUTLAW BOBALUIE - "20th" year of racing 1999 - 2019. 27 year old bullock.
RACE STARTS - "219"             - ULIKELY TO RACE IN 2021 DUE TO AGE
OVERALL PLACES - 1st = "64"  2nd = 54   3rd = 34   Paid = 19  Unplaced =48 
CUP FINAL PLACES -  1st = "7"   2nd = 13   3rd = 12   Paid = 3   Unplaced = 15
TOTAL PRIZE MONEY -   $70,330.00
Outlaw Bobaluie is one of Australia's most well known camels. Not only on the race track, but also for film, live performance, jumping and barrel racing. He has seen it all on the racetrack and still has the ability to win races today, so never underestimate him, especially over middle distance. He place 2nd four times in 2018 and shocked many as to how close he came to the win. He won his "64th" race with Glenda riding happier than ever being with him in 2019. Outlaw Bobaluie made history in 2019 being the only camel ever to race for 20 years.
LITTLE TOWER - Raced in the 2018 season only. 2018 -21. 11 year old bullock.
OVERALL PLACES - 1st = "2"   2nd = 3   3rd = 1   Paid = 1 Unplaced = 1st race
Little Tower, was named after Glenda's first camel of 9 years 'Hightower' as he is very similar in appearance and nature. Glenda bought him out of the 2010 Boulia Camel Tag event at 9 months old (and drew him as her tag camel in the event). He was never a human friendly type of camel, but after 8 years Glenda managed to break through to his kinder side. As the 2018 season progressed Little Tower began to take to racing in exciting style. He is going through a growth spurt which will see him literally bigger and better going into the 2021 race season.   
Bourney - Unraced.  Will have his first race in 2021 if ready. 6 year old bullock. 
This is one of the most exciting prospects Glenda Sutton has ever seen. In September of 2017 while mustering camels for other purposes this little camel stood out brilliantly as a racing animal. His bravery levels at a young age became apparent during his initial breaking in stages, and if brought out on the racetrack could see him come into the sport enormously competitive. 
KUMITE - 2nd year of racing. 2019-2021. 20 year old Bullock
OVERALL PLACES -  1st = "2"   2nd = 2   3rd = 0   Paid = 3   Unplaced = 6  No cup finals
Glenda rescued Kumite at the age of 17 from a situation of undernourishment. His growth had been stunted, but he still possesses incredible speed for his size. In 2019 he had a tendency to buck, but once he accepted being ridden he came out with a couple of unexpected wins, including Glenda's great friend "BOB BLACKET's" Memorial Plate at the Winton Camel Races. As Glenda loves his company, Kumite may just come along for one race in 2021.
TRUTH OR DARE - Unraced. Will have his 1st Start in 2021. 8 year old Bullock.
Truth Or Dare went through the steps of his initial breaking in stages with Glenda at 2yo.
Owned by people who had a large property, then moved to the city, he has come back to
Glenda as her own (with no further handling) in 2020. Having 2 decades of experience with racing camels, Glenda is seeing above and beyond her usual expectations of a racing animal.
Truth Or Dare is physically larger than any other camel Glenda has ever owned, with a level
of intelligence and spirit to go with it that is highly likely see him fire on the racetrack in 2021.