"Chief"   Dean Saffron

Outlaw Bobaluie wins his 64th race in 2019

  Ken Eastwood R.M.Williams Outback

"Kumite"         Ken Eastwood R.M.Williams Outback



Heading into her 21st consecutive year in the sport of Camel Racing, Glenda Sutton, no stranger to meeting challenge head on, prepared herself and her camels to make Australian record breaking history in 2019.


With a phenomenal 271 Camel Race wins, including 40 Cup Final wins to her name, Glenda trained and rode harder than ever fighting towards her future goal of 300 race wins. And with champions Hajime, Kumite, Chief, Ace, Outlaw Bobaluie and Congo Red as members of her powerful 2019 racing team, Glenda became the only jockey in the world ever to win 271 camel races, riding 14 winners for the 2019 race season.

Glenda's Cup Final wins have now reached a grand total of "40". Her future goal also includes making it to a massive 50 cup Final wins. 


In 2019 Glenda won another 14 races on the backs of her camels, including a camel she had been intensively preparing for racing named  'Hajime' who won 8 consecutive race starts in his first season.


Her camel 'Outlaw 'Bobaluie' competed in his 200th race start at Bedourie at 26 years old in 2018 - an outstanding achievement never seen before. And in 2019 became the only camel ever to complete in Australian Camel Racing for 20 years straight. One of Glenda's most joyous moments for 2019 was coming across the finishing line in first position riding her beloved 'Outlaw Bobaluie' at Boulia Camel Races.


Glenda has also made it to over a quarter of a million dollars in prize money as a jockey, and became the only person to have competed in the sport of Camel Racing for 21 consecutive years in a row.

Glenda Sutton has not finished her career yet. 2020 will see her be the only Camel Jockey in history to compete in 750 camel races. She intends to add to her race win total of 271 towards a colossal challenge of 300 race wins.


With her camel 'Chief' currently at $91,220.00 in prize money, Glenda has high hopes for him to reach $100,000.00 in the future.


New to racing in 2019 Glenda's camel "Hajime" made history setting a new track record time of 32.43 seconds over 400m in his first Cup Final at the Bedourie Camel Races. At the age of only 4yrs old Glenda knows Hajime is the greatest champion she has ever ridden, and with growth and maturity Hajime will be very difficult to beat in 2020.


'Little Tower' is another of Glenda's exciting new prospect showing major potential for race wins in 2020. Along with 'Ace' still racing strongly, with 24 race wins under his belt. 'Bourney' who she mustered and began breaking in in September 2017 is slowly growing and will also be ready to race in 2020. Kumite who won 2 races in 2019, including Glenda's great friend "BOB BLACKET's" Memorial Plate at the Winton Camel races in 2019. A couple more of Glenda's camels are also contenders for future racing.

2020 will present some of the most challenging racing scenarios so far in what will be Glenda Sutton's 22nd year of competition. She is ready and waiting to meet every challenge with true racing spirit and love for her camels as always.     Kumite, Hajime 2020...…..



BOULIA CAMEL RACES - 17 - 19/07/2020